Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chinese new year is around in 3 more weeks.These are the pictures 2 years back and it took place at Fei Lou Hai....
First and last lou sang with my lovely group of friend.

The days that we had been through are memories, i wouldn't forget the happiness, the joys, the laughs, and even the tears we had shared with each other.People will change from time to time, things gone through without our realization, memories would never change though.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tarragon Restaurant ( 24-02-2010 )

Potato gnocchi with herbs ricotta and tomato
Braised seabass fillet with mousseline , saute bacon, glace shallots served with butter
and America sauce
Marble cheese cake
Overall is normal. The texture of the potato gnocchi is soft, but suppose to be a bit chewy.The taste is not bad because the gnocchi had been pan fried and it bring out aroma and flovour. The doneness of the fish is nice but the shallots are uncooked. The cheese cake taste nice.

Thyme Restaurant ( 10-02-2010 )

Garden salad

Grilled steak with bernaise sauce, potato gratin
and sauteed french beans

Monday, February 22, 2010

Papa John's Time Square ( 09-02-2010 )

We went to Time Square since we need to hunt more clothes for Chinese New Year. Unpredictable Victor went with us.

We had our lunch at Papa John's pizza while Seen Cheow join us afterward.

And then we had dinner at Hutong "十号胡同" at the ground floor of Lot 10.
Pork Rice Noodles
"何荣记" Soy sauce pork ribs noodles
Penang Cha Kueh Teow
The food and the environment there are pretty good.The arrangement there is a bit messy but is quite interesting, not like the old style food court. This is a non halal food court.